Beginner CrossFit classes

 12 occassions


6 weeks


 25.000 HUF/person


Maximum 12 person

At B’Bros, we believe that CrossFit is designed for the ordinary people without reference to sex and age. This type of movement holds challenges for everybody, it’s fun and gives you real improvement. But for all of these it’s crusial to learn good foundations.

Our 6 weeks long CrossFit Beginner’s Program consists of 12 training sessions and it helps you to learn the necessary movements for the upcoming safe and useful trainings.

In these CrossFit sessions, the emphasis is on practicing different techniques, however better conditioned begginers can also find plenty of challenges.

It’s worthy to try our mobility classes from the beginning of this program and we also recommend our weightlifting classes after one or two weeks so you won’t get anything by surprise in the later CrossFit classes.

There won’t be any new courses.

12 occassion in 6 weeks costs 25.000 HUF.

-We accept All You Can Move card (M,L,XL) , in this case 12 occassion costs 12.000 HUF.
-With our offer we give you 2 more gratis occassion, which can be used on mobility, gymnastics or Conditioning class.
Sounds great right? 🙂

You can apply for the course below.

If you have any further question, do not hesitate to contact us!
Hope to see you soon in our Box : 1142 Budapest, Zichy Géza utca 12.

Apply to our beginner class



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