Melinda Tóth

Since I was a child, I have been attracted to those sports that really test a person’s tenacity and willpower. I did boxing, Thai boxing and canoeing for many years. I always enjoyed the strength training that was an integral part of these sports. That’s how I immediately fell in love with CrossFit, which I started in 2016.

I started training at CrossFit B’Bros in 2017 and soon after that I was regularly participating in domestic competitions. Since 2022, I have managed to achieve a podium finish in several international competitions. But in addition to competing, I have always been motivated by belonging to the community and, in addition to my own development, the results of my training partners. Over the years I have seen how much sports can give people. This is why I decided to further my education and help the members of our community to develop as a coach.

In my personal and group classes, I want to give my trainees as much pleasure as possible by helping them achieve their goals.

CrossFit international competition results (40-44 years category):

European Master Throwdown 2nd place
Lowlands Throwdown Classic 2nd place
CrossFit German Throwdown Classic 1st place

French Throwdown 1st place