Tamás Szilágyi

I am proud to say that I am a true B’Bros upbringing. A few months after the opening in January 2015, I was already a member of the community. From there, the road led to racing and then to becoming a coach.

My passion is sport. I have practiced many forms of exercise (soccer, tennis, kick-boxing, aikido, kung-fu, ice hockey, cross-country cycling), but I could not commit to any of them in the long term.
The world of CrossFit immediately captivated me. It is extremely diverse and you can always learn something new, it does not focus on perfecting a form of movement, instead it aims to master a wide range of forms of movement and achieve balanced fitness.
Every day a new workout awaits, with different exercises, different repetition numbers, different weights, different time periods. You will never get bored of it!
In addition, it is one of the rare sports where we even support and encourage our competitors, it has an inclusive and extraordinary community-building power.
Part of it is healthy competition, which makes it fun and everyone wins in the end!
I represent the above and I want to involve as many people as possible so that more and more of us can find joy in it.

I went to my first classes in soccer shoes and never had a kettlebell in my hand, muscle ups or scissor thrusts didn’t say anything. Today I help others learn them. So there’s a good chance that I’ve already gone through the phase you’re going through and I can help you develop.

CrossFit works for everyone, regardless of age, ability or goal. Whether you are an elite athlete or a complete beginner, young or old, or anywhere in between, it will definitely help you improve your quality of life, increase your performance, develop your mental strength, and overcome everyday challenges, whether physical, mental or spiritual. One of the first results for me was the complete elimination of my lower back pain.

I believe in daily small victories, small progress motivates me, progress leads the way. In the end, achieving your goals is just icing on the cake.
If you want to get started, develop further or prepare for a competition, feel free to search.

Be part of it!