József Vida-Szűcs

I’m Vida-Szücs József, a functional personal trainer at CrossFit B’Bros gym. I also regularly conduct group CrossFit classes where we work together towards common goals.

My passion lies in fitness, CrossFit, and Olympic weightlifting, in which I compete to continuously improve myself. My aim is to inspire and assist individuals who embark on a lifestyle change, helping them achieve their best version.

I am young and energetic, filled with enthusiasm and vitality. During my sessions, I approach each client with infinite patience and attentiveness, recognizing that everyone has unique needs and objectives.

Staying up-to-date with the latest fitness and nutrition trends is essential to me. I consistently educate myself because I believe that expanding knowledge is crucial in my role as a personal trainer.

Building connections with people is of utmost importance to me. I effortlessly connect with individuals of all ages, levels, and personalities.

Whether you’re seeking a lifestyle transformation or simply want to experience the world of CrossFit, I warmly invite you to join my group classes or benefit from personalized training sessions. Together, we will bring out the best in you.

Let’s meet at the gym!