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What is CrossFit?

The point is, that the workouts are really diverse and varied thanks to the fact that different exercises can be done in a different variation in every training session. Besides, the intensity and the difficulty of the workouts can be varied too.

Why CrossFit?

In CrossFit you can improve more of your basic athletic skills at a time like strength, endurance, speed, power, coordination, accuracy. The athletes won’t be outstanding in only one thing but they gain genereal experience in the basics of different sports.

Who do we recommend?

We recommend CrossFit to everybody without reference to sex or age. If you would like to get rid of the stress from work or get a muscular body, this is the place to come.


Beginners’ Class

Beginner’s Class Our beginners class is the first step to become ...

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Let’s WOD

Let’s Wod It’s a long, difficult, intense and competition-orie ...

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Gymnastics Besides weightlifting, a lot of gymnastic movements became ...

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Mobility Most movents used in CrossFit, can’t be aquired without pro ...

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WOD Prep

WOD Prep A really intense training where you can feel like you are at ...

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Weightlifting The emphasis in CrossFit clearly shifted towards olympic ...

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CrossFit You can find every type of movement in these sessions that th ...

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Hungarian. ...

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Our Trainers

Zsolt Sóti

CrossFit, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Personal Training

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Kristóf Fekete

CrossFit, Wod Prep, Personal Training

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Gyula Kiss

CrossFit, Mobility, Gymnastics, Personal Training

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Gábor Zilahi

Personal trainer

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Dóri Hajdu

CrossFit, Conditioning, Mobility, Personal Training

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Máté Kakatics

CrossFit, Weightlifting, Personal Training

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Laura Horváth

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Orsi Kozma

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